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MaraTech is the fastest growing North American Provider of Fully Customized RV Park, Campground, and Hospitality WIFI Systems, non-compromising system design, expert implementation, superior customer service has allowed MaraTech to excel in the industry



Telephone over the Internet

The telephone is an essential part of the communications toolkit in any business; it’s been used for over a century for good reason. Let MaraTech show how to implement VOIP services into your business.



Welcome to the 21st. Century

Home automation is what it sounds like: automating the ability to control items around the house—from window shades to pet feeders—with a simple push of a button (or a voice command). Let MaraTech show you the exciting possibilities within your home.


Our Expertise

These are our core business services.

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Internet Service Provider

We can provide internet services to your property or event.

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We carry and support top of the line surveillance systems and back them with superior support.

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We carry top of the line VOIP equipment that allow your business to realize tremendous savings.

We specialize in WIFI systems




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Providing high speed internet access in rv parks, campgrounds & marinas poses a unique challenge. The layout, topography, geography, salty environment and transient nature of campers & boat owners makes the traditional providers unwilling to invest in the necessary infrastructure. MaraTech's wireless Internet access is an easily deployable solution. Without any user set-up fees, your customers can easily tap into the network.

We completely customize every project to your individual needs, we don't cookie cutter our installs. Every project is different and has different objectives, so should the implementation of WIFI. We think outside the box when designing a system for a site, with precision and economic factors taken into account ultimately saving the customer downtime and money. We utilize our in house designed control software which is customized to your site, and can be changed at any time to provide any measure of customer requirements.

We provide 24/7 technical support for your end users, we take care of all issues with your system and we never pass the buck. If it's a problem with the ISP we call them, if it's a problem with equipment we fix it, we eliminate your WIFI headache.

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It's simple; travelers of all kinds expect Internet access in your guest rooms, common areas, and conference centers and they're prepared to go elsewhere to find it. As a hotel operator, you need to stay ahead of the curve and offer the amenities your guests expect.

MaraTech offers a flexible solution. Pay per use or complimentary guest access, wired or wireless - we can install quickly and economically. Our equipment meets or beats all hotel brand standards and specifications.

Then, rather than walking away and leaving you to your own devices, we train your staff on the basics and provide 24 x 7 customer technical support to ensure smooth ongoing operation.

Once installed, we provide extensive marketing support including getting you extra international exposure through listings on a variety of directories which many potential guests use when looking for a place to stay.

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Unused capacity is a big waste for restaurants - staffing costs during unproductive times alone can break an otherwise profitable business. Offering WIFI in your restaurant brings in an afternoon clientele desperate to get out of their offices and into somewhere nicer. And with them come their clients - all of whom are looking for a good bite to eat and a beverage to make the day go smoother.

MaraTech increases your market draw without any effort on your part by offering a managed service. Your cafe will be listed on a number of directories - plus word of mouth will bring in customers anxious to find available Internet access.

Being wireless, there are no wires to trip over, no extra furniture to interfere with the decor and no hassle with setting it up. Deployment is fast and painless. Our team of specialists is in and out usually within an hour. The compact wireless-access system hides under the counter and that's it: nothing to maintain, nothing to worry about.

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New smart phones, tablets and laptops entering the market are changing the world of work, play and communication searching out for wireless internet providers. Whether sending emails, downloading movies or books, or reading the news online, there are a number of new “everyday” tasks that require an internet connection and for convenience of mobility, a Wi-Fi provider.

Why let other companies profit from your real estate, install your own WIFI. Equip your unit owners, members and tenants with the option of choosing fast, secure, high-speed internet both inside the home, common areas and out on and around the grounds. At MaraTech, our goal is to design a wireless network specific to your property for seamless use by everyone in and around their home.

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Business Centers have unique requirements as a venue. Limited space, limited equipment and expensive IT needs. The challenge is to ensure that your customers can do what they would normally do at their offices as painlessly as possible with the control and security that your business demands.

Wireless access lets your customers and employees bring in their own devices - cutting down on the need for expensive equipment, and less time needed to teach them a new setup. Metered and monitored, MaraTech ensures that you're not just providing free Internet for the whole neighbourhood.

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Heightened security measures and higher traffic volumes can increase waiting times by passengers. Turn their downtime into uptime by offering WIfi with MaraTech as a wireless provider.

With the explosion of smart phones, tablets and laptops that have entered the market, there is an ever increasing demand for wireless internet service that is safe, secure and fast, no matter how many users are connected at the same time.

Choose specific areas and types of access, as well as a specific service model to balance costs and revenue opportunities. We monitor usage, advertise, direct users and control abuse with our wireless building management tools, security and wireless digital signage.

As an WIFI provider we can ensure all areas requiring business wifi is covered, including separate networks for tenant areas such as restaurants, food courts and retail.

At MaraTech, our goal is to collaborate to bring you the products and services that best enhance the brand of your property.

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MaraTech provides wireless internet for Hospitals, Medical Center’s, Out-Patient care facilities, Seniors Residences and Hospices that are completely independent and secure from existing medical internet systems.

Whether in patient rooms, waiting rooms, out-service areas, cafeterias or outside on your grounds, provide your patients and their visitors with the option to access the internet or email using their cell phone, laptop, tablet, or PSP (Portable gaming device).

Reduce perceived wait times, while enabling your patients to keep in touch with the outside world. Wireless internet services can be used to promote targeted advertising, hospital information, allow patients to surf the internet, play games, or stay connected to their office.

Whether building wide, floor by floor, unit by unit, indoors or out, provide superior internet access with customized splash pages.

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If you require high-speed, reliable and professional WiFi for your conference or exhibition, MaraTech has the solution. From a handful to 1000’s of users, we have the hardware that can provide you with a reliable Internet service.

MaraTech provides everything you need for your WiFi requirements at medium to large scale events. Our engineers attend site and bring with them preconfigured systems, capable of supporting many thousands of simultaneous connections. The equipment we use comprises of industrial grade WiFi components and our own designed Control Software, ensuring you the very best WiFi experience.

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About Us

Over the years MaraTech has added more services to it's portfolio including; VOIP, Webhosting, Security/Surveillance, and IPTV, these services compliment the core WIFI service. In each service category MaraTech has approached and in some cases revolutionized the way things are done, with it's "outside the box/new set of eyes/fresh mindset". MaraTech has also developed in house software for IPTV delivery, WIFI control, superior to off the shelf and existing offerings from existing competitors. This has allowed MaraTech to expand quickly to procure many clients in need of advanced cutting edge solutions that excel business revenues and eliminate old headaches that have been a "thorn in the foot" for too long for many industries. MaraTech continues to grow and improve services and listen to the customer....


Elegance is not the abundance of simplicity. It is the absence of complexity.

What Some of Our Client's Say?

We highly value our reputation and we strive for excellence, our clients had this to say about us...

"Thank you for all your help in restoring our internet and cable services after our recent lightning storm. We appreciate your professionalism and prompt service. MaraTech is a fantastic company and we would highly recommend your services to other RV parks. Since changing our Wifi internet service to MaraTech, we have not had one customer complaint about anything!"

Rob and Brenda Vesely, Orange Blossom KOA Client

"I highly recommend MaraTech Wifi for any business considering a new wifi system. They installed a new system for us in 2013 and I found them to be highly professional and prompt, their equipment of high quality, and most of all, they did what they said they were going to do. With any new wifi system there are issues to work through, and MaraTech did not leave our property until everything was up and running smoothly. Afterward, they have continued to work with us whenever we need assistance, and I especially appreciate their ongoing monitoring of our system. I feel I am getting a great value for the service and equipment we receive from them."

Keith, Virginia Beach KOA Client

"For years we operated our campground with a Wifi system that was mediocre at best. As our customers' demand for fast and reliable Wifi grew we noticed more and more complaints about it, and there was a noticeably negative effect on our ratings. With so many uncontrollable factors that affect a camper's experience, we try our best to improve the ones we can control. We finally decided to invest in Wifi that works. MaraTech's installation crew had everything running within a few days. Since day one, their service and support have been superb. They really pay attention to the way our system runs and are often on top of any problems before we even know about them. The system they installed for us has completely turned around our customers' experience. Rather than receiving negative comments and poor ratings, campers actually rave about the Wifi on our customer surveys! I would highly recommend using MaraTech if you are considering a new Wifi system."

Shay Gregorie, Mt.Pleasant/Charleston KOA Client

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"


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